Customized Software Development

Every business is unique and so are the requirements. A customized & well-tailored software application is one of the best choices available to business owners today.

Why we are saying so? Earlier, managing a software environment was challenging. Today with technological advances, it is far easier to manage.

The key benefits are that it saves time, efforts and costs, you need not alter your process. It makes your business process simple & the solution functions exactly the way you want. You can also leverage excellent technical support from the development teams.Developers are more responsive to your needs. Changes can be made more quickly. You can control the pace of changes. You’ll save time and money in teaching your staff to use it.

The purpose of custom development is to produce a perfect outcome as desired by a client. This leads to reduction in overall IT costs with improved timelines and product delivery. One important value addition of custom development is the ability of the delivery team to point out at possible efficiency improvements.

Business benefits include

  • It is tailor-made by developers to your specifications
  • It is more scalable than off-the-shelf software packages
  • It is secure and can help protect your business from external threats
  • It is capable of operating with existing software packages in use
  • The software can be maintained for as long as you require it to be
  • It helps you save on hardware acquisition costs
  • Custom application development replicates the existing business process
  • This should be intuitive and easy for users of the application to adapt

Process involves

  • Roadmap or Strategy Document
  • Researching and Defining Scope
  • Feature Summary Document
  • Creating Functional Specifications
  • Analysis & Creating Technical Specifications
  • Web Application Structure and Timelines
  • Application Design Layout and Interface Design
  • Web Application Development
  • Beta Testing, Bug Fixing and Refinement
  • Maintenance, Versions, New Projects