Jain Panchang

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We have developed and introduced a modern Jain Panchang Mobile Application which shows TITHIS & other details which follows Jain religion. Now it is available for all jain sects(Gachh) in 3 different languages(English, Gujarati and Hindi).Jain Panchang will alert you for Tithis / Festivals / important days etc.

Some Features of Jain Panchang

  • Panchang (calendar) in Gujarati Month Format.
  • Tithis for every month.
  • Sunrise / Sunset / Navkarshi / Porshi ... Timing. (you can set your own location city)
  • 24 Tirthankar Kalyanak.
  • Day & Night Chogadhiya (Mahurats)(Global).
  • Jain Panchang will be available in Android and iOs Mobile platforms.
  • Hora for global locations.
  • Pachkhan Audio support without need of Active Internet Connection

You can install it and use without active internet.